29 mar 2011

Pencil cases

 My niece Ana  lives under the sea by now.  So I made ​​this pencil case and I filled it with paints, crayons and a notebook to carry a piece of sea always with her.  It´s made with a "body" (baby born clothes)

I made this two for my boys, recycling a pair of old jeans...

And after this, I made a travel one, to use it on our trip to Coruña city

28 mar 2011


My son Hugo often has nightmares. Dreams of lions who attack us or with large fires that leave us in ashes. A few days ago we made this dream catcher to his room and it seems that things are going better.

We also use it in our Indian costumes, ...we look handsome! don`t you think so?

25 mar 2011


My son Darío (4) lives in a pink world, he wears pink clothes, likes pink toys (as petshop and things like this) , his shoes are pink, his drawings are ... do you need more?... as I know is a very very hard choice,showing his great personality,  I`ve made this t-shirt to celebrate it!
and you, which world does your son live in??

what did I need:
a pc
a printer
transfer paper
1piece of a white t-shirt
1 pink t-shirt

what did I do:
1. I chose a picture of my pink boy that I took on March 19, Father's Day

1. I downloaded the free program U.R.Celeb: it allows me to made my funny cover, incluiding photo and headlines. That`s the result:

2. I printed the document in transfer paper, following the instructions ( you can visit youtube, and see some tutorial about transfer paper, as this. please! remember to flip the photo at print time!)

3. I cutted the photo and transfer it by ironing to the white piece of cotton fabric.

4. finally,I sew it in the new pink t-shirt.

5. Darío looks pretty fashion, didn`t he?

23 mar 2011

greatest dad in the world

only to celebrate that Hugo and Darío have the greatest dad in the world!   19-3-2011 día del padre.

 Ikea frame, colored tissue paper, scissors, 1 black crayon,  pencil and a lot of love.
vía http://useyourcolouredpencils.blogspot.com/


This is what I `ve got with an old t-shirt, a pregnant skirt and a zipper,... really incredible!! 
 If you want to do something similar, please go here, and see this awesome tutorial from I Am Momma... and Happy sewing!!!

something from the past

HI! Since I wait untill friday 25, I'd like to show you a pair of things that I`ve reciently made. I Hope you enjoy them!

1.  upcycled boy  hat from I Am Momma
2.  Native`s carnaval costumes (yes, this is me)
3. To celebrate this year`s  father`s day
4. Our superheroes, saw something similar at celebrate the boy.
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