25 mar 2011


My son Darío (4) lives in a pink world, he wears pink clothes, likes pink toys (as petshop and things like this) , his shoes are pink, his drawings are ... do you need more?... as I know is a very very hard choice,showing his great personality,  I`ve made this t-shirt to celebrate it!
and you, which world does your son live in??

what did I need:
a pc
a printer
transfer paper
1piece of a white t-shirt
1 pink t-shirt

what did I do:
1. I chose a picture of my pink boy that I took on March 19, Father's Day

1. I downloaded the free program U.R.Celeb: it allows me to made my funny cover, incluiding photo and headlines. That`s the result:

2. I printed the document in transfer paper, following the instructions ( you can visit youtube, and see some tutorial about transfer paper, as this. please! remember to flip the photo at print time!)

3. I cutted the photo and transfer it by ironing to the white piece of cotton fabric.

4. finally,I sew it in the new pink t-shirt.

5. Darío looks pretty fashion, didn`t he?

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